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Is peeling paint making your home look neglected? Let us refresh your exterior with a
durable, high-quality finish, smoothing out imperfections for a flawless finish.


To provide reliable exterior painting services in Bigfork MT, ensuring each project withstands local weather challenges with durable finishes and quality service that residents trust.


To be the leading exterior painter in Bigfork MT, transforming properties with excellence and integrity while setting the standard for innovation and customer satisfaction and Trust

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Exterior Painting Services in Bigfork MT

Glacier Peaks Painting provides top exterior painting services in Bigfork MT, designed to meet the challenges of the local weather conditions. From dealing with the area’s strong UV rays to adapting to temperature changes, we ensure your paint application looks appealing and stands the test of time. We offer a broad range of services beyond exterior painting, including interior painting, precise color matching, and unique finishes that transform any area of your home. Our expertise also covers wallpaper removal, cabinet staining, and virtual consultations to fit your busy schedule. 

We commit to using durable, environmentally friendly products, addressing common concerns about lasting quality and ecological safety. Choose Glacier Peaks Painting for reliable service and detailed attention to make your property look and feel great. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help maintain and enhance your home or business.

Exterior Painting Services in Bigfork MT
exterior house painter in Bigfork

Ensuring Durability and Style: Exterior Painting Services in Bigfork

As the go-to exterior house painter in Bigfork, we tackle common issues like cracking, color fading, and moisture damage using the latest painting methods and equipment.

  • Our skilled team uses top-quality brushes, rollers, and sprayers to ensure that the paint adheres well and lasts long against the harsh weather.
  • We always stay up-to-date with new painting techniques to guarantee the best results.
  • Our process is a joint effort; we actively involve homeowners to ensure their needs and preferences are met.

This collaborative way of working allows us to provide a finish that looks great and stands up to Bigfork’s unique climate challenges.

''We paint everything under the big sky''

What We Offers

Interior Painting

Brighten up your living spaces with professional interior painting. Perfect for homeowners struggling with outdated or faded walls needing a fresh, modern look.

Ceiling Painting

Transform your overhead spaces with our ceiling painting services. Ideal for those with ceilings that show water stains or discoloration; hire us so we can completely eliminate them.

Color Matching

Our professional color matching may help you achieve a uniform appearance across your house. Great for those homeowners who strongly need touch-up walls but can't find the original paint shade.

Exterior Painting

Protect and beautify your home's exterior with our exterior painting services in Bigfork MT. Essential for residents in areas with harsh weather, helping shield against moisture and decay.

Cabinet Staining

Refresh your kitchen or bathroom with cabinet staining. This service helps those individuals who are fed up with worn or outdated cabinetry achieve a contemporary or classic finish.

Ceiling Staining

Give your ceilings a durable, attractive finish with our ceiling staining service. Perfect for high-traffic homes needing robust, easy-to-clean surfaces for the long term.

Fence Or Gate Painting

Allow us to upgrade the overall look with freshly painted fences and gates. Our fence/gate painting services are ideal for properties needing a quick refresh to become more prominent.

Room Painting

Refresh any room by letting us coat it with fresh but premium paint. Suited for busy households looking for a quick transformation without disrupting daily life.

Siding Staining

Defend and enrich your home's siding with our staining service. Particularly helpful for houses that are open to the elements and, therefore, are more likely to suffer from weather-related damage.

Virtual Consultations

Plan your painting projects with our virtual consultations in the comfort of your location. Perfect for those with busy schedules needing expert advice without leaving home.

Specialty Finishes

Spread charm to your walls with specialty finishes. Specialty finishes are intended for creative homeowners wanting to feature unique textures or effects in their decor.

Ceiling And Wall Painting

Coordinate your ceilings and walls with our combined painting service. Our ceiling & wall painting is great for open-plan spaces that require a harmonious color palette.

Window Painting

Boost your home's exterior with our window painting services. Window painting is essential for anyone looking to improve their windows' weather resistance and appearance.

Window Staining

Protect and beautify your windows with our staining services. Window staining is a must and extremely beneficial for homes in areas prone to harsh sunlight or inclement weather.

Wallpaper Removal

Strip away old wallpaper cleanly and efficiently. Perfect for residents updating their interiors from outdated designs to a more contemporary aesthetic.

Paint Removal

Remove old, chipping paint with our professional paint removal services within a shorter timeline. Ideal for renovating homes or preparing for a new paint job.

Staining and Varnishing

Preserve the beauty of your wood with staining & varnishing. Essential for those with high-traffic areas needing durable and long-lasting wood treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time for exterior painting is late spring through early fall. These months typically provide moderate temperatures and lower humidity levels conducive to paint adhering and drying properly.

How do you prepare the surface for painting?

Darker colors absorb more UV rays, leading to quicker fading. Lighter colors reflect light better and last longer under intense sunlight. Choosing the right color can significantly impact the paint's longevity.

We cover plants, shrubs, and other landscaping features with protective sheeting to prevent contact with paint drips. We securely place and remove all coverings with care to leave your outer area tidy.

Why Choose Us

Local Climate ExpertiseLocal Climate Expertise

Living in Bigfork means dealing with sudden weather changes that can impact paint jobs. Our deep local knowledge lets us choose the right products and methods that ensure a long-lasting finish.

Durable Products for High Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas require paints that can handle wear and tear. Our selection of durable paints resists scuffing and fading, keeping high-traffic exterior areas looking as good as new for longer.

Last year, our house paint started to show early signs of wear after a particularly harsh winter. Glacier Peaks Painting recommended a specific weather-resistant paint for our situation. Our home still looks freshly painted one year later despite another tough winter.

Our previous paint faded so quickly due to the direct sunlight our home gets. The team at Glacier Peaks Painting suggested a UV-resistant paint, and the difference has been night and day. No more fading; our house stays vibrant and protected!

Hear It From Our Happy Clients

I had difficulty deciding since I’m not usually good at picking out colors. The team at Glacier Peaks Painting was incredibly patient and helped me select a color that truly suits my home. Their guidance was invaluable, and I love the results!