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Refresh your pool area and give it a perfect makeover with our expert painting services to enhance durability and resist peeling.


To provide superior pool painting services in Lakeside MT, boosting the beauty and longevity of every client's pool with solutions that effectively withstand the local climatic challenges.


To provide superior pool painting in Lakeside MT, boosting the beauty and longevity of every client's pool with solutions that effectively withstand the local climatic challenges.

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Best Pool Painting Services in Lakeside

Glacier Peaks Painting specializes in delivering pool painting services in Lakeside, tailored to meet the unique demands of the local environment. We understand that the local climate and water conditions can be tough on pool surfaces, which is why our painting services are designed to prevent fading and damage from chemicals and natural wear. This approach enhances the look of your pool and increases its durability, helping you avoid repetitive and expensive repairs. In addition to pool services, we offer a wide array of painting services for your home, including interior and exterior painting, treatments for ceilings and cabinets, and custom finishes. 

Whether you need to update the look of your home or protect your exterior structures, our skilled team is committed to addressing your needs with thorough, dedicated service, ensuring lasting results that transform and improve your living spaces.

Pool Painting Services in Lakeside
pool painter in Lakeside Montana

Your Go-To Solution for Pool Painting Services in Lakeside

As the top pool painter in Lakeside Montana, we address common pool painting challenges using advanced techniques and the latest technology.

  • Our team employs high-quality epoxy and acrylic paints chosen for durability and compatibility with the local aquatic environment.
  • We employ sandblasting and power washing to prepare surfaces for paint, making them last longer and ensuring good adhesion.
  • We consult with clients to pick the best colors and finishes, considering their habits and personal style.

This strategy ensures a superior finish that meets each client’s unique needs and stands the test of time.

''We paint everything under the big sky''

What We Offers

Interior Painting

Our expert interior painting services completely revamp your living areas. Get beyond the obstacle of uneven walls and see your property transformed with a perfect finish.

Ceiling Painting

Ceiling painting is a quick and easy way to transform the appearance of any space. We help you avoid the common issue of drips and uneven lines, ensuring a smooth, consistent finish.

Color Matching

Achieve the perfect ambiance with our expert color-matching services. We ensure you never worry about inconsistent shades again and that your new paint matches your existing decor flawlessly.

Exterior Painting

Protect and beautify your home's exterior with our painting services. We use top-quality paints to tackle weather wear and tear head-on, ensuring your property stands out with durability and style.

Cabinet Staining

Our cabinet staining services give your kitchen or bathroom cabinets a new look. Our long-lasting colors protect the wood's original beauty from wear and tear for the long term.

Ceiling Staining

Give your ceilings a stunning makeover with our ceiling staining services. Our professionals effectively address the challenge of water stains and aging with a fresh, durable finish.

Fence Or Gate Painting

Boost your home's security and aesthetics with our fence and gate painting services. We guarantee a long-lasting shine by efficiently fixing problems like rust and chipping.

Room Painting

Reimagine your favorite rooms with our comprehensive painting services. Tackle the problem of cramped small spaces by choosing colors that make rooms feel more extensive and more inviting

Siding Staining

Protect your home's siding with our professional staining services. Combat the effects of sun exposure and moisture, ensuring your siding remains vibrant and resilient.

Virtual Consultations

Plan your next home improvement project with our virtual consultation services. Overcome the scheduling and travel constraints challenge as we bring planning and expert advice to your screen

Specialty Finishes

Customize your space with our specialty finishes. We help you overcome the challenge of common wall imperfections with finishes that add depth and character to any room.

Window Staining

Boost your windows with our professional staining services. We pinpoint and address fading and wood degradation issues, ensuring your windows look great and last longer.

Window Painting

Refresh the frames of your windows with our detailed painting services. We address wear and tear from the elements with weather-resistant paint, enhancing both appeal and durability.

Wallpaper Removal

Refresh your walls with our efficient wallpaper removal services. We address the mess and potential wall damage from old wallpaper, setting the stage for a flawless new finish.

Ceiling And Wall Painting

Improve both ceilings and walls with our painting services. Overcome the challenge of connecting different surfaces with a cohesive look that expands and brightens your space.

Paint Removal

Get ready for a new coat by using our expert paint removal services. We eliminate your worries regarding the lingering old paint, ensuring a clean slate for even application.

Staining and Varnishing

Our staining & varnishing services can preserve and enhance the beauty of your wood surfaces. Tackle the effects of everyday wear and tear with a finish that offers visual appeal and improved endurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pools need repainting every 5-7 years, but this can vary based on factors like pool usage, maintenance routine, and exposure to chemicals and weather. We can determine when a repaint is necessary.

Yes, ideal painting conditions are dry weather with moderate temperatures. High humidity and extreme temperatures can affect how the paint sets and dries, potentially producing less satisfactory results.

Monitor pH levels and chemical balances, clean the pool surfaces gently to avoid scratches, and remove debris promptly. This helps extend the paint's lifespan and keeps the pool looking great.

Saltwater/chlorinated pools impact the paints differently. Saltwater can be more corrosive, so choosing an enduring paint type is crucial. Discuss your pool's water type with us to select the best paint.

Why Choose Us

Climate-Resilient Solutions

The intense summer sun can cause exterior paints to fade and peel prematurely. Our high-quality paints withstand severe weather conditions and guarantee both visual appeal and robust protection.

Compliance with Local Regulations

We ensure all our materials meet local environmental regulations, including the use of low-VOC paints. This commitment helps protect our beautiful Lakeside environment while delivering exceptional results.

We struggled with the peeling paint in our pool for too long, thinking it was normal wear and tear. Glacier Peaks Painting educated us on how quality paint and correct application make a difference. This summer, our pool looked better than ever.

Our pool always had issues with algae, no matter what we tried. The team at Glacier Peaks Painting applied a specific type of paint that resists algae growth, and it's worked wonders. Seeing our pool stay clean and beautiful with much less effort has been a relief.

Hear It From Our Happy Clients

Finding someone dependable was tough until we found Glacier Peaks Painting. They were prompt and professional and addressed our concerns about the previous paint job’s longevity. The new paint job has held up impressively against our harsh winters.