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Get rid of peeling and fading today! Our paint resurfacing gives your walls a flawless, enduring finish, making old surfaces shine like new again.


To provide efficient pool resurfacing in Whitefish MT, ensuring every pool is durable, beautiful, and ready to enjoy, regardless of our challenging local climate


As a pool resurfacing contractor in Whitefish MT, we envision enhancing every client's property with l quality and service, setting the standard for excellence in the niche.

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Expert Pool Resurfacing in Whitefish MT

Glacier Peaks Painting is a pro in pool resurfacing in Whitefish MT, and understands local weather’s unique challenges, from cold winters to warm summers. We provide pool resurfacing that stands up to these conditions and reduces the need for constant upkeep. Our knowledge of the area helps us choose the best materials and approaches to ensure your pool’s longevity and visual appeal. In addition to pools, our skilled team offers a wide range of staining and painting solutions. 

Whether it’s painting the inside or outside of your home, staining cabinets and windows, or handling specialty projects like removing wallpaper and applying unique finishes, we handle each task with careful attention to detail. We ensure that every job adheres to our strict standards, meeting both your needs and enhancing your property’s value and appearance. Turn to Glacier Peaks Painting for thorough and reliable solutions tailored to your property’s needs.

Pool Resurfacing in Whitefish MT
Affordable Pool Resurfacing in Whitefish

Solving Common Issues with Innovative Whitefish Pool Resurfacing

We specialize in affordable pool resurfacing in Whitefish MT, using the newest techniques and tools to tackle typical pool problems like cracks, peeling, and fading.

  • Our team uses hydro blasting to remove old paint and pneumatic tools to prepare surfaces accurately.
  • We apply epoxy and polymer-based finishes to ensure your pool’s surface is both stunning and long-lasting.
  • We maintain effective communication with clients to ensure our services meet their specific desires and exceed their expectations.

We combine modern methods with effective communication to provide outstanding, cost-efficient resurfacing that lasts.

''We paint everything under the big sky''

What We Offers

Interior Painting

Transform your living spaces with fresh, appealing colors. Our interior painting service minimizes disruption in your home, ensuring a clean and efficient process that respects your daily routine.

Ceiling Painting

Brighten up your rooms with expertly painted ceilings. We address the difficulty of reaching high areas, ensuring a smooth, professional finish without any worries about safety or equipment.

Color Matching

Get the exact shade you desire with our accurate color-matching service. We specialize in eliminating the frustration of inconsistent color tones, ensuring every corner of your room matches perfectly.

Exterior Painting

Secure and improve your home's exterior with our painting solutions. We focus on combating weathering and fading, providing a robust paint job that enhances your home's overall appearance.

Cabinet Staining

Refresh your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with our staining service. We tackle the challenge of uneven finishes, ensuring a uniform application that revives your cabinets' appearance.

Ceiling Staining

Increase the original charm of your wooden ceilings with our staining service. We maintain the wood's integrity, providing a finish that highlights its natural grain without causing damage.

Fence Or Gate Painting

Boost your property's privacy and aesthetic with our fence and gate painting. We solve the problem of premature wear and tear from exposure by applying durable paints that last longer and look great.

Room Painting

Reimagine your space with our room painting service. We eliminate the stress of choosing the right color scheme, offering expert advice and flawless application for a transformative result.

Siding Staining

Protect your home's siding with our specialized staining services. We handle moisture damage and wear issues, applying stains that enhance durability and resist harsh weather conditions.

Virtual Consultations

Plan your projects with our virtual consultations. We streamline your preparations by removing the necessity for in-person meetings and instead provide top advice and planning via remote means.

Specialty Finishes

Add charm to your walls with our specialty finishes. We solve the issue of common wall imperfections, applying techniques that disguise flaws and add unique textures to your interiors.

Ceiling And Wall Painting

Refresh your ceilings and walls with our dedicated painting service. We focus on eliminating patchiness and streaks, ensuring a uniform color that brightens your entire space.

Window Painting

Highlight your windows with our painting services. We address the problem of paint adherence on various materials, ensuring a durable and attractive finish that complements your home's style.

Window Staining

Beautify your windows with our staining services, enhancing the wood's natural allure. We tackle the challenge of maintaining color consistency exposed to sunlight, ensuring a long-lasting, vibrant finish.

Wallpaper Removal

Upgrade your walls with our efficient wallpaper removal service. We handle the challenge of stubborn, glued-on paper, ensuring a damage-free removal process that prepares your walls for a new look.

Paint Removal

Remove old chipping paint safely with our professional paint removal service. We focus on eliminating the risk of harmful dust and debris, providing a clean slate for a fresh application.

Staining and Varnishing

Beautify your windows with our staining services, enhancing the wood's natural allure. We tackle the challenge of maintaining color consistency exposed to sunlight, ensuring a long-lasting, vibrant finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pool surfaces deteriorate due to weather exposure, chemical erosion, and physical wear. Resurfacing helps protect the structural integrity of your pool and ensures a smooth, safe surface for swimmers.

It depends on the material used and the pool's exposure to chemicals and weather. Typically, pools need resurfacing every 7 to 10 years, but in harsh climates, they may require more frequent attention.

What are the signs that my pool needs resurfacing?

Options include plaster, pebble, fiberglass, and tile. The best choice depends on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and the pool's usage. Our team can help guide you to the best solution for your situation.

Why Choose Us

Expert Local Knowledge

We understand how Whitefish's unique climate affects pools. Our local expertise means we choose materials that stand up to the weather, ensuring your pool stays in prime condition for longer.

Customizable Designs

Want your pool to showcase your taste? We offer a range of customizable design options, from simple elegance to intricate patterns, helping you create a pool that truly reflects your taste.

We had constant issues with algae in our old pool surface, which was a nightmare to clean. Glacier Peaks Painting recommended a fantastic, non-porous finish that's so much easier to maintain. No more weekend scrubbing sessions—thank you!

I was always embarrassed to host pool parties because of the stains and cracks in our pool. Glacier Peaks Painting resurfaced the pool and helped us choose a beautiful, modern finish that has completely transformed our backyard.

Hear It From Our Happy Clients

After a harsh winter, our pool was a mess—cracks everywhere, and the surface felt rough. Glacier Peaks Painting resurfaced it with a material that withstands freezing temperatures much better. It was great fun to go swimming again this summer.